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Australia Family
Sponsored Visa


For migration to Australia under one of the visa categories mentioned below family members should have a sponsorship from a relative in Australia to be eligible. The sponsor should be an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Residence or eligible New Zealand citizen.
Those included in the list below can be termed relative for Australia Family Sponsored Visa:
Brother or Sister
Aunt or uncle
Niece or nephew
Step relative of the same degree

Aged Dependent Relative Category
Aged people who are single, widowed or divorced and who are financially dependent on a relative who lives in Australia can apply under Aged Dependent Relative Visa (subclass 838) category for Australian Immigration Visa.

Remaining Relative Category
A person outside Australia whose only close relatives are living in Australia is permitted to live in the nation with Australia Permanent Residence Visa-Remaining Relative Category (subclass 115).
Carer Category
Those who have to come to Australia for giving assistance to a relative with a long term or permanent medical condition or a member of their family with a similar medical condition are eligible for Carer Visa. The two subclasses under the visa are classified as 116 and 836.
Immigration Processing System for Family Sponsored Visa of the nation is as efficient as the ones for categories such as Australia Work Permit Visa and Australia Business Visa.