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Australia Visitor Visa/Business Visa


What is a Business Visa or Visitor Visa to Australia?
With Visitor Visa for Australia people from all over the world are permitted to come to the nation for business, tourism and many other reasons for a short period. Also known as Australia Business Visa it is apt for those who want to go to the country for purposes such as attending a meeting or conference. You can visit Australia for up to three, six or twelve months through it. The nation’s beautiful geological landscape and spectacular environment makes it a great holiday destination. There are different streams of the visa such as Tourist, Business Visitor and Frequent Traveler.
General Requirements for the Visa:
• Completely filled application form.
• Identity proofs such as recent passport size colour photograph, certified copy of birth certificate.
• Health and Character details.
• Documents regarding the purpose of the travel.
• Proof of adequate funds such as personal bank statements and credit card limit.
• Proof of return to home country.
• Employment Details.
• A letter of invitation from your host.
• Your itinerary for your stay in Australia if you are going to the country under the tourist stream.
• You are required to provide additional documents depending on the stream you choose. For Australian Business Visa category you need to provide particulars such as conference registration details and your itinerary, with contact information of the business parties involved.