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Canada Investor

Canada Investor Visa

Canada Immigrants who can invest in or start businesses in the nation can opt for Investor Visa. Powerful Economy, Highly Educated Workforce, Low -Tax and Low- Cost for Businesses and many other positive factors make the nation a favourable place. It is extremely welcoming towards individuals who can generate revenue, strengthen the job market and create employment for Canadian nationals in the country.

The following are the categories for Canada Investor Visa:

Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Visa – It is for individuals who have a personal net worth of $10 Million CND and ability to make an at-risk investment of at least $2 Million CND in Canada’s Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Fund.

Start-Up Visa – Accomplished Business Owners with significant work experience, who can own and  manage a business in Canada which enhances financial progress and employment can opt for Start-Up Visa. An organization on Canada’s Start Up Visa Designated Organisations List must support the business.

Self-Employed Immigrant Visa -Those who have relevant experience in world-class athletics or cultural activities or managing a farm and who have the intention and capability to become self-employed are eligible for Immigration to Canada through the visa.

Canada Federal Immigrant Investor and Entrepreneur Programs were terminated on June 19, 2014.


Business migrants who want Permanent Resident Status in Canada still have the option of Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) after the termination of the Federal Program. It is apt for individuals looking for an attractive passive investment plan.  Quebec is a province in eastern Canada.

Primary Requirements for Quebec Investor Program:

  • Have a legally obtained personal net worth of $1.6 million CND.
  • Should hold two years of suitable management or business experience within the five years prior to the application.
  • Agree to make an investment of $800,000 CND into a passive Government Guaranteed Investment for a duration of five years bearing no interest.
  • Aims to settle in the province of Quebec

Canadian Immigration through the program is a step towards excellent financial growth and opportunities.