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Canada Student Visa

Canada Student Visa

People from across the globe who are looking for quality higher education in fields such as science, engineering, management, accounting and liberal arts come to Canada. From bringing family members to employment-there are many advantages which accompany the pursuit of academic work in the location. Individuals can enhance their career opportunities all over the world by several notches through Canada Student Visa.


  • Acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution of Canada.
  • A legal travel document such as a valid passport.
  • Sufficient financial means to pay education fees, live in Canada and return to the home nation and for accompanying family members.
  • Copies of Academic Mark Sheets and Certificates.
  • Clearance of English Language Proficiency Examination.
  • Proof that you are not a threat to the community in Canada. Evidence of clean criminal record through a police certificate.
  • You should be in good health. Submission of medical clearance for the candidate and accompanying family members.

(Character and medical requirements are applicable for the candidate and accompanying family members.)



  • A positive aspect of pursuing higher education in Canada is the fact that the country’s universities and its academic programs are internationally accredited by globally acclaimed bodies. It has the world’s leading educational institutions.
  • Cost of living in the nation is less than that of other developed countries which would be a benefit for international students. It offers affordable education and low tuition rates.
  • Canada Student Visa holder can be accompanied by family members such as spouse and children.
  • It is an extremely safe place for receiving education. Majority of Universities and Colleges in the destination have their own Campus Security System.
  • Studying in the nation can make you eligible to apply for Canada Permanent Residency Visa.
  • The country accepts students from all over the world and maintains an inclusive attitude.
  • You get 3 years post study Work Visa and employment opportunities in the location.
  • You are allowed to work in the nation while studying.