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Denmark Immigration

Denmark Immigration Visa

Through Denmark Green Card qualified foreign professionals can migrate to the country on a permanent basis. Points are scored under areas such as work experience, education, adaptability, language proficiency and age.
• Candidates should have a Bachelor’s Degree or similar education level such as nurse or school teacher.
• If you have an education connected to a profession on Denmark Occupation List you can score bonus points.
• Those who have a Master’s Degree or a PhD can receive bonus points.
• Individuals who hold a degree from a university which is internationally acclaimed for its high quality education according to QS World University Ranking will be given bonus points.
Language Skills
You should prove proficiency in one of the languages listed below for being given points under this criteria:
• English
• German
• Danish
• Swedish
• Norwegian
Work Experience
The number of years within the last five years for which you have worked in a field where Denmark is currently facing a shortage of qualified professionals determine the points you can score under this category.
Work or education connection to the EU/EEA (including Denmark) or Switzerland can earn you points as this helps in adapting to the Danish Labour Market.

Points for age are given if you are 40 years old or younger.

Features of Danish Green Card
• You are eligible for Denmark Citizenship on continuous stay of minimum 9 years.
Permanent Residence Permit can be applied by an individual who has been a Danish temporary residence permit holder for minimum 4 years. You are allowed to stay in the nation with Permanent Residence Permit for an unlimited period.
Denmark Green Card permits you to stay in the nation first time for up to 2 years. Duration of stay can be extended for up to 3 years.
Denmark Immigration Visa Benefits under Green Card Program include residence permit eligibility for spouse or partner and dependent children under the age of 18.
• If you have worked for past 12 months for at least 10 hours every week permit can be extended.
The nation is great not just for living and working, it has an excellent academic environment as well. Foreign nationals can opt for Denmark Student Visa for receiving education in the destination.