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Denmark Student


Study Visa in Denmark can pave the way for promising careers and financial future. The nation offers a wide range of education courses and has many renowned colleges and universities.
Citizen of a nation outside the Nordic countries or the EU/EEA needs a residence permit to reside and study in Denmark.

Three main categories of studies which can require a Danish Residence Permit are as follows:
• Higher educational programmes
• Basic and youth study programmes
• Folk high schools

For being a granted residence permit, proof in writing is required which shows that:
• You have gained acceptance as a student for a higher education course or programme at a university, college or institute which has been approved by the Danish Government.
• The student is completing an educational programme offered by a Danish institution of higher learning or is a visitor or guest student attending part of a programme which he/she has already begun in the country of residence.
• You have sufficient financial means for the duration of your stay.
• You are capable of speaking and understanding the language of instruction and have a functional command of either Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German.
General Requirements for Denmark Student Visa:
• Certified copies of educational qualifications.
• Educational copies should contain original signatures and stamps or the back of the copy must be signed by two people who are not related to the applicant and have their name, birth date and address.
• Documents must be sent directly from the issuing institution for some of the Danish Education Institutions.

• For every Danish University or college or institute there are different sets of rules and admission criteria. Detailed information can be acquired from their admission offices.
Students can pursue popular subjects such as Humanities, Engineering, Business and Economics in the country. Unique programmes like oceanography, geosciences and intermedia art are also available.
One of the best University Colleges of Denmark includes Danish School of Media and Journalism, Metropolitan University College, University College Lillebaelt, University College Absalon, University College of Northern Denmark and University College South Denmark.