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Denmark Visitor Visa/Business Visa


Denmark Business Visa/Visitor Visa allows foreign nationals to stay in the nation as a tourist, for meeting family or friends or for business or culture associated purposes for a short period. Immigration is not permitted through Visit Visa. You cannot undertake work in Denmark through it.
The country encapsulates attractions such as Striking Landscapes, Fascinating Castles, Impressive Museums and Galleries for visitors. The location boasts of many must see sights. Natural beauty spots like Skovbjerg Hill Island and Rold Forest provide many options for day trips.
If there is a commercial relationship between your company/organization and the company/organization in Denmark which you want to visit you can be granted the Denmark Business Visa.
General Requirements
• The applicant must submit completely filled application form and all the necessary documents for a visa to visit Denmark.
• Documents needed also vary depending on the purpose of your stay in the country. Certain requirements for a Business Visit are different than those of a Tourist Visit.
• Original Passport with validity of a minimum of three months.
• Applicants are required to pay visa fee on submission of application. The fee is non refundable.
• A recent passport size colour photograph (3.5 x 4.5cm).
• Travel Medical Insurance which covers expenses connected to medical necessities.
• Official Company Letter from Sponsor or Employer for Business Visa.
• Proof of a place to stay in Denmark such as hotel booking or accommodation.
• Evidence of sufficient funds for instance bank statements of the last six months.
• You must show flight reservation upon submission and original return ticket upon collection of the visa.
• If travelling with children you need to show evidence of relationship.
• Registration confirmation of academic years for children who are attending school.
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