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Germany Blue Card


Highly qualified and skilled professionals with employment offer of annual gross salary of at least 50,800 Euros and 39,624 Euros in case of experts in the fields of mathematics, IT, life sciences and engineering can apply for EU Blue Card Visa. EU Blue Card Visa holders are granted permanent residence permit after 33 months. If your language skills meet the specified standards of B1 level of Common European Reference Framework for Languages (CEFR), you are eligible for EU Blue Card Visa just after 21 months. Academics with an acknowledged university degree are qualified for EU Blue Card. Germany Work Permit, Job Seeker and Blue Card Visa provide you with an excellent route for building your career. Like U.S.A, it is an advantageous place for immigrants.

Qualified professionals who do not meet the requirements of Germany Blue Card Visa can work and reside in Germany if they find employment related to their educational qualification under section 18 (4) of the residence act. They also need to seek approval of Federal Employment Agency for residence title for being employed.


  • EU Blue Card Visa holders get the rights given to nationals
  • Move freely to all European Countries
  • Possibility of getting permanent residence is high
  • Excellent opportunity to work in largest economy of Europe
  • You can move to another nation after living in the country for a period of 18 months   
  • You will be given Long-term residence permit-Job seeker visa for a period of six months
  • Authorization to go to Germany and search for a suitable profession
  • Family members of Blue Card Visa Holder are given unobstructed right to work in Germany


  • You need to submit an application with entire documentation to German Consulate
  • Your employment prospects in the country and professional understanding will be assessed through personal interview
  • Document authentication and qualification valuation