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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Immigration

Considered Asia’s leading Financial Centre Hong Kong has a lot to offer to those who want to live, study or work in the destination or explore the city-state for a short period. The location boasts of great infrastructure and high living standards. Hong Kong Immigration Visa Benefits attracts foreign workers from all over the world. It’s a hub for international trade and global economic activities.  Hong Kong Quality Migration Admission Scheme permits migrants to work and live in the place without the prior offer of a local employment. People from across the globe can be a part of the thriving economy through the programme. The scheme includes two methods of evaluation through Hong Kong Point’s Based Test- applicants are awarded points based on their education, work experience, age, family background and language abilities in the General Points Test. Your score should be at least 80 points out of 165.  Achievement-Based Test is for people with significant  acknowledgement in their field such as Nobel Laureates. People who can make a contribution to the economy of Hong Kong through their business are eligible for Business Visa. It is a fantastic location for travelers. From Man Mo Temple to Night Market on Temple Street, there are many places to visit. The standard of education in Hong Kong is excellent and it is extremely hospitable to students from abroad. Education in primary and junior secondary school is free. Hong Kong education system has been ranked the second best in the world by The Programme for International Student Assessment.



  • Correctly filled application form with an attachment of one passport- size photo
  • Hong Kong’s guarantor or company’s name, address, telephone number and other details. (If none, mention “No Guarantor” in the form)
  • A photocopy of the data page
  • Valid passport with blank pages
  • Copy of resident permit of other country
  • Tax Clearance, Bank Statement, Employed Certificate, Round Trip Air-Ticket Booking List, Hotel Reservation and Company Register Certificate


Tourist Visa – Holiday Certificate given by company.

Family Visit Visa – Name, address, telephone and other details of a relative living in Hong Kong.

Transit Visa – Viable Visa of the destination country or region and connecting flight tickets.

Business Visa – Hong Kong’s host companies original invitation.