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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Immigration Visa


From a flourishing economy to a lively cultural scene – Hong Kong gives plenty of reasons to foreigners for considering it for immigration. The place has one of the highest concentrations of corporate headquarters in the Asia – Pacific. Hong Kong Immigration Visa offers countless opportunities to people across the globe. It can lead to splendid financial growth and better quality of life.  Hong Kong’s Quality Migrant Admission Scheme has been designed with the purpose of attracting skilled professionals to the city-state. An individual is required to take any one of the two point based tests-General Points Test or Achievement Based Points Test.  Applicants are given points on the basis of their education, working experience, family background, age and language abilities in the General Points Test. Individuals with Bachelor’s Degree, Graduate Level Work Experience, English Language Proficiency and of appropriate age can easily meet the requirements for Immigration Visa. People with exceptional skills or having outstanding accomplishments in their field are evaluated under Achievement Point Based Test.

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is quota based and applicants who are allotted a quota in the selection exercise are issued with an Approval-in-Principal letter. Approved applicants have to go to Hong Kong to personally attend an interview and present originals of all documents submitted during the application to the Immigration Department for verification. They can enter Hong Kong on Visit Visa for this purpose. An applicant is not given the right to Immigration in Hong Kong after being issued an Approval- in-Principal letter. The applicant will be issued with a visa/entry permit under the scheme for living there if relevant application procedures are settled and original documents are adequately verified.


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