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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Points Based Test

Hong Kong Points Based Test

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme has been designed with aim of bringing skilled professionals and entrepreneurs to the city-state. The points based immigration system was first announced in February 2006. The applications for the scheme started getting accepted in June of the same year. Applicants are required to pass the Hong Kong Points Based Test either General or Achievement. Successful Applicants are eligible for Hong Kong Immigration Visa.

They are assessed on the basis of their education, working experience, age, language abilities and family background in General Points Test. The minimum passing mark for the test is 80.

Professionals with skills and remarkable achievements in their respective fields such as scientists and noble laureates are evaluated through Achievement Based Test. An individual is awarded 195 Points if he meets one of the following criteria:

  • The applicant has been presented with an award of outstanding achievement (e.g. National/International Awards, Nobel Prize, Olympic Medals).
  • The applicant can display that his/her work has been recognized by his/her peers or has made a significant contribution to the development of his/her field.

Individuals who pass the test are qualified for Hong Kong Visa for immigration.