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Investor Visa

Investor Visa


Migrants are allowed to establish, develop and manage a business in a foreign country through Investor Visa.  It gives individuals an opportunity to benefit from being part of a developed economy. The visa can lead to permanent residency. It adds value to the destination economy and generates employment opportunities.


United States provides excellent opportunities to those who want to be part of the business landscape of the country. Because of well-established financial market, resilience of the economy, it is a favorable place for business. EB-5 USA Green Card Visa is an employment based immigration category for which the applicant is required to be involved with a new commercial enterprise in the US that benefits the American economy by creating 10 fulltime jobs. If the applicant is not involved in everyday operations of the invested commercial enterprise he should have at least have a policy level role. A person can invest in an existing commercial enterprise if it has been established after November 29, 1990.


The business congenial environment of Australia is appropriate for growth and development of an organizational entity. Financial investments to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars are made through Australia Investor Visa (Subclass 188). It has five divisions:

  • Business Innovation Stream is for successful business people who can own and manage a business in Australia.
  • Investors who want to invest a minimum of AUD $ 1.5 Million and continue business and/or investment activity in Australia for at least 2 years are qualified for Investor Stream.
  • Significant Investor Stream is for those who want to invest a minimum of AUD $ 5 Million and carry on business and/or investment activity in Australia after the period of their provisional visa is completed.
  • Individuals who can invest at least AUD $ 15 Million in an Australian complying premium institution and continue business and/or investment activity in the country after the period of their provisional visa is completed are eligible for Premium Investor Stream.
  • Entrepreneur Stream allows people to engage in an entrepreneurial activity in Australia.


Canada is a perfect location for setting up or investing in a business venture. Canada Investor Visa is categorized as Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Visa, Start Up Visa and Self Employed Immigrant Visa. In order to be eligible for Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Visa an individual is required to have personal net worth of $10 Million CND and ability to make an at-risk investment of at least $2 Million CND in Canada’s Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Fund. For individuals who can own and administer a business in the country which promotes financial development and employment there is Start Up Visa. It is given to successful business owners with adequate experience. For those who have experience in world-class athletics or cultural activities or managing a farm there is Self-Employed Immigrant Visa.

Note: Canada Federal Immigrant Investor and Entrepreneur Programs were terminated on June 19, 2014.