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Ireland Immigration Visa Benefits


There are many Ireland Immigration Visa Benefits for foreign nationals. The country offers a multicultural environment and a high quality of living. The location is a great place for career growth. It is the strategic European base of 1,000 multinational companies.

Skilled Workers – From excellent working conditions to outstanding healthcare and education facilities-Ireland offers many advantages to immigrants. Foreign Nationals who have the skills and qualification considered important for the economic growth of Ireland can opt for the nation’s Critical Skills Employment Permit. It can be a step towards Permanent Residence. The Ireland Critical Skills Employment Permit Occupation List covers a wide range of professions.

Ireland General Employment Permit – The General Employment Permit of the country has been structured for occupations which are experiencing labour or skills shortage. It includes a broad variety of professions. The Work Permit Visa holder can apply for permanent residency.

Business people and Investors-The stable economy of Ireland makes it a great place for investment and business. Start-up Entrepreneur Programme of the nation grants residency status in the nation. US, European and Asia-Pacific countries are locating their overseas business here. It is one of the most open economies in the developed world and adapts quickly to varying market conditions. Those who acquire residence under the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme can apply for Irish citizenship under the terms of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Acts.