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Ireland Immigration Visa


With Ireland Immigration Visa foreign nationals can live and work in one of the strongest economies of the world. There are various routes to permanent residency in the nation.

Critical Skills Employment Permit Visa – Highly Skilled foreign nationals can work in Ireland in a profession where there is shortage of skilled employees. The job must be on the nation’s Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations List. It covers professions such as Engineering and ICT.  A relevant education qualification is required for Critical Skills Employment Permit Visa.

General Employment Permit– Designed for foreign nationals, the job offer based employment permit is for occupations which are facing labour or skills shortage. It includes a wider range of professions than other Work Permit Visa categories. The Ireland Visa incorporates all occupations which come under the Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations List.

Start- Up Entrepreneur Program Visa-It has been structured for Non-EEA nationals who have an innovative business plan. Funding of € 75,000 is required for the Business Visa.

The objective of the entrepreneur program is to support high potential start-up business. The start-up venture must be-:

  • Led by an experienced managerial team.
  • Able to introduce a new or innovative product or service to the international markets.
  • Less than six years old.
  • Headquartered and controlled in Ireland.
  • Capable of creating employment to the tune of 10 jobs in Ireland and realize €1 million in sales within three to four years of starting up.

Ireland Immigration Visa Benefits can enrich your life. The prosperous nation is a highly adaptable place for foreign nationals. You can also get great tourism experience through the route of country’s Visitor Visa.

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