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New Zealand

New Zealand


An island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is well known for its natural beauty. Be it Education, Health Care, Economy or Trade the developed nation seems to be making a progress in all spheres. There are a variety of visas available for those who want to visit or move to the country permanently. Work, Student, Tourist and Visitor Visas can be applied for online. Your reasons for coming to the nation and credentials are looked into carefully for New Zealand Eligibility Criteria. Citizenship applications have increased by 70 % for New Zealand. The major sources of the country’s overseas-born population are from United Kingdom, South Africa, China, India, Samoa, Fiji and Australia.
New Zealand’s education system has been ranked the seventh best in the world by the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment. The nation’s high quality education makes it a beneficial place for learners. Engineering, Technology, Digital Designing, Science -there are a range of courses to choose from for students.
Its alluring landscapes of mountains, beaches, lakes, glacial valleys and rich Maori culture attract tourists from all over the world. The nation’s beautiful infrastructure and inclusive people have pushed up demand for Visitor Visa. New Zealand is a high-income economy and has a nominal gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of US $ 36,254.Developments in business and art is an ongoing endeavor for the nation. You can avail the opportunity of being employed in New Zealand with Work Visa. Standard of living available to majority of the population is impressive. The fastest way for getting into New Zealand is through Australia. Once you get an Australian PR you would be eligible to travel, live and work in New Zealand.


Auckland – Made around 2 large harbors Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. The mild oceanic climate and world famous attractions like Sky Tower make it one of the best vacation destinations on Earth.
Wellington -The sheer ease of being in Wellington the capital city of New Zealand makes it worth visiting. It is the location of many head offices of various sectors predominantly finance, technology and heavy industries.
Hamilton-The city has a lot to offer to those interested in Art and Culture. Underground network of caves and caverns at Waitomo are close to Hamilton City. Variety of sporting activities take place in Hamilton.
Tauranga – Spectacular natural environment ranging from popular beaches to soaring bush-clad mountains makes Tauranga a must see for travelers. Outdoor activities are very popular because of the temperate climate.
Palmerston North – The city has many restored heritage buildings, parks and recreational facilities. It is well known for innovation in business sector and is a center for many nationally and internationally renowned firms.
Rotorua – With bubbly mud pools, spouting geysers and hissing vents Rotorua is a geothermal wonderland. The city has sublime botanical gardens and historic architecture.
Christchurch – Known as Garden City, Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. It is filled with splendors of the natural ream.
Dunedin – An eco-tourism attraction Dunedin is a place where you can unwind and relish your holidays. It is the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand.
Invercargill – It is the commercial center of the Southland region. Southern Institute of Technology famous for its Zero Fees Scheme is located in Invercargill. It is also an entrance to wilderness areas.
Nelson – A popular visitor destination Nelson has a vibrant music and art scene. It is well-known for its crafts makers. The city is close to three National Parks-Nelson Lakes National Park, Abel Tasman National Park and Kahurangi National Park.