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Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

As a recruitment consultancy, Royal Visas and Immigration Services functions as a mediator between qualified candidates and companies looking for eligible employees.


Getting selected for the right job requires lot of planning and forethought. Those who are registered with Royal Visas and Immigration can obtain information about Employment Positions via email as quickly as they are vacant. You can upload your resume, select a job online and follow up your job applications.  We have access to a wide range of job openings from prime global employers even before they are advertised. From helping you prepare your resume with our profound understanding of different sectors to interview process guidance, the company gives assistance throughout the recruitment process.


We have a team of consultants that go into your professional competencies and match them in your job search. The talents of the consultants as a team coalesce to help you in getting selected for the right employment. Royal Visas and Immigration Services helps individuals with their career plan based on professional skills and qualification.


A resume gives you the opportunity to represent your skills, qualification and overall background. It plays a major role in securing a suitable and lucrative employment. An effective resume should cover the following points:

Presentation: Contact Details-name, house address, phone number and email address should be at the top of your resume. Then lay out a summary of your education qualification. After this, provide details of work experience. Include job title, name of the employer, Company Information and dates of each of your jobs. Give brief details of your skills, accomplishments, key responsibilities and management commendations. Resume can be organized in a chronological or reverse order or by relevance.

Measure Up To Job Description:

Skills and qualifications should be relevant to job position. Remove details which are not connected to the employment position. Explain how your attributes and experience will add value to the organization.

Writing Style:

The tone of Resume must be professional, fervent and positive. It should be made clear, precise and easily understood. Avoid using words and sentences which add neither information nor meaning.


Analysis: Eliminate doubts and queries related to an employment position by gaining information about the organization you want to get recruited in. Company’s annual report, website, media releases and newsletters are great sources for enhancing your knowledge about its products, services and requirements.

Evaluate Position Details: The job position has to be carefully examined to know whether you are right for the company and the occupation. Role related information helps you prepare for the Interview Process.

Rehearsing:  Attempt answering interview questions you are most likely to be asked. By holding mock interviews one can prepare and practice answers.