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Relocation Services

Relocation Services


Moving abroad can be complicated and requires lot of efforts. Royal Visas and Immigration Services can assist those who want to relocate to a new country. From preparation of visa documents to accommodation, we can help our clients who want to get transferred overseas at every step possible. Our services include:

Visa and Immigration– Whether you want to settle in foreign country permanently or visit a nation as a tourist, we can make you acquire all kinds of visas required for going abroad.

Career -Ensure guidance in finding employment overseas with Royal Visas and Immigration. Get connected to employers who want to recruit those who have your skill set and work experience. Our networking and marketing strategies helps you with making the right career choice.

Location – We can organize a preview trip to the foreign destination you are planning to work and live in so that you are well informed about key benefits, housing and education options, shopping, recreation, healthcare and banking facilities, transportation system, standard of living and level of security.

Other Services – Before you leave, we can help you obtain:

  • Health insurance
  • Local SIM card and telephone number

After you enter the country we provide

  • Airport Pick Up
  • Temporary accommodation assistance
  • Permanent accommodation assistance


Countries which we deal with include:







Hong Kong

South Africa

New Zealand