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South Africa Immigration Visa Benefits


There are myriad advantages of South Africa Immigration Visa for foreign nationals from across the world. The country has many lucrative careers in major industries and provides a cosmopolitan environment. It is also an excellent place for people who want to establish or invest in a business.
South Africa Critical Skills Visa is for foreign nationals who have experience in an occupation on the country’s Critical Skills List. The temporary visa which can be issued for a period of maximum of 5 years can lead to Permanent Residence. An individual is eligible for South Africa Immigration Visa Benefits through it. You don’t require a job offer for the visa. It allows you to stay in the nation to find suitable employment for a period of 12 months. With developed economic, judicial and social infrastructure, South Africa provides great working and living conditions. It has the world’s finest organizations such as Cisco, Vodacom, Unilever and Microsoft. South Africa Work Permit Visa gives you the option to pursue diverse and contemporary careers.
Those who wish to set up or invest in a business in the country can opt for South Africa Business Visa which can pave the way for Permanent Residency. You are required to invest at least R 5.0mn and recruit at least 60 percent South African nationals in your business. Evidence of certification by a chartered accountant of at least R 5.0 mn in cash and/or a capital contribution also needs to be shown. The nation is embracive towards entrepreneurs and investors who can lay the foundation for excellent business.