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South Africa Work Permit Visa


South Africa Work Permit Visa allows foreign nationals to get employed in the nation. It is issued for a set period of time depending on the type of work visa being applied for. Encompassing many positive features, it can substantially enhance your career growth.
The following are the categories for South Africa Work Permit Visa:
Critical Skills Work Visa -It is aimed at individuals with skills and qualification required by the nation. An employment offer is not essential for the visa. You can work and live in the nation for up to 5 years with it. It can pave the way for South Africa Immigration Visa for Permanent Residency.
General Work Visa -The visa allows immigrants to fill a vacant employment position which cannot be filled by a South African citizen. It can be issued for up to 5 years.
Intra Company Transfer Work Visa- An existing employee from a foreign branch of a multi-national organization can be transferred to a branch in South Africa with this visa category. An individual can be granted the visa for a duration not exceeding 4 years.
Corporate Visa – Corporate companies can employ a pre-determined number of skilled/semi-skilled/unskilled workers with corporate visa. It can be granted for a period of three years.
Like the Work Permit, Business Visa of the nation is widely acclaimed and provides equal opportunities to immigrants from across the world.