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UK Immigration Program

UK Immigration Program

UK Immigration Visas has been attracting several aspirants from across the globe every year. UK has been renowned for a Strong Economic Structure and a world Famous Education System which makes it a dream Destination for the candidates who are ambitious or deeply interested in furthering their careers. It has the capacity to improve the profile in a big way.

UK Immigration Visa Benefits are many and a few of them appear here. Non-EEA citizens who have no recourse to public funds become eligible for them when they are granted Permanent Residence.

Foreign nationals who wish to seek a visa to live or work in the UK are required to satisfy the immigration authorities about their financial means to support themselves and any dependents.

Claimants may have to take a habitual or usual residency test in order to qualify for benefits.

The United Kingdom is a top Immigration destination and enjoys a pride of a place among the claimants. The economy is sound and the living conditions are good.

There are several Business Visa opportunities, as it is on the path to progress in the comity of nations.

UK Investor Visa entitles a person to

  • Receive residence permits for you and your family within three months
  • With an investment of £2 million, permanent residency comes after five years.
  • With £5 million one is able to secure permanent residency in three years;
  • With £10 million one is able to secure permanent residency in two years;
  • The children are entitled to free primary and secondary school education in the UK.