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USA H1B Visa Benefits

USA H1 B-Visa Benefits

Since its formation H1 B Visa has been the most popular long term visa in the United States. A bachelor’s degree and a job offer from a US company for a specialty occupation are the two basic requirements for an H1 B Visa, whereas other work visas need the beneficiary to have a master’s degree, managerial position and other broad range of eligibilities. Requirements for other visas are more difficult to fulfill than the necessities for USA H1 B Visas. One needs to make sure which visa one should opt for depending on his want.  Other visas might be more viable options according to his requirement and eligibility. H1 B Visa holders are permitted to work part time and for numerous employers at the same time. They can port their status from one employer to another. With H1 B your duration of stay is for three years which can be further extended for six years. H1 B can be attained by people from all over the world with equal accessibility. Under the H1 B Visa, family members are admitted in United States.  The spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age can be brought to the country as dependents. They are eligible for H4 Status and can also enter in other visa classifications. Employment is allowed for people with H-4 status if they have a valid Employment Authorization Card. You can seek lawful permanent resident status with H1B visa. The permission to have dual intent works in favor of H1 professionals.  Like Green Card- Immigration Visa of USA it gives employers an opportunity to hire the best.  They have an access to qualified and skilled professionals who will contribute to their work. The visa is extremely useful to those dealing with labor shortage and lack of qualified employees.