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USA L1 Visa

USA L1 Visa

Overseas Companies are permitted to transfer certain category of employees to work in the USA through L1 Visa. It is a temporary work visa given to employees who have knowledge of company’s products and services. There are two types of USA L1 Visa– L1 A is for managers and executives and L1 B is for workers with specialized knowledge. Maximum duration is 7 years for L1 A and 5 years for L1 B. To be eligible for L1 you must be employed by the employer abroad for one continuous year in the past three years as a manager, executive or specialized knowledge worker. The overseas company should have directly or indirectly employed the worker, it could even be a freelance employee. There are additional requirements if the employee is coming to open a new office in the US. Visa Holders need to provide proof that they are not entering US with an intention of becoming its permanent residents. It does not mean that they cannot be given a Green Card.

Spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 years are allowed to accompany L1 Visa holder through granting of USA L2 Visa.L1 Visa can also be given to workers of charitable, religious and non-profit organization.

The qualifying organization can file for L1 Visa Petition which can be individual L1 petition or L1 blanket petition. L1 individual petition is based on single visa intended for one person. Through L1 blanket petition corporations can transfer L1 employees to US for work. L1 Blanket Petition Program gives enterprises advantage of getting one approval from USCIS to transfer more than one employee at the same time to US. Like USA Green Card Permanent Residency Visa, L1 can be a pathway to lucrative careers across industries.


  • Qualifying Relationship between the business entity in the US and the foreign company which employs the worker abroad
  • The petitioner must be doing business as an employer in the US and in at least one other nation directly or through an authorized organization