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USA Visitor Visa/Business Visa

USA Visitor Visas B-1 or B-2

The B acceptance is about alleged the “visitor’s visa.” It is for individuals who ambition to appointment the United States for a abbreviate duration. There are two types of B visas: B-1 (for business) and B-2 (for action or medical treatment).

An alone would appear to the U.S. on a B-1 Visa  if his purpose is to argue with business associates, biking for a scientific, educational, able or business convention, or appointment on specific dates, achieve an estate, or accommodate a contract.

If the purpose of visitor’s biking is recreational in nature, including tourism, amusement, visits with accompany or relatives, rest, medical treatment, activities of a fraternal, social, or account nature, and accord by amateurs, who will accept no remuneration, in musical, sports and  contest or contests, again a company  B-2 Visa would be the adapted blazon of acceptance for your travel.

People who appear to the U.S. for a altered purpose (i.e. to study, acting workers, crewman, journalists, etc. accept to access a acceptance adapted to their visit).

Qualifying for the USA Visitor’s Visa

There are specific requirements that accept to be met by applicants to authorize for a company acceptance beneath  of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The consular administrator at the admiral or admiral will actuate whether you authorize for the visa. Foreign travelers who are citizens from assertive acceptable countries may as well be able to appointment the U.S. after a acceptance on the Acceptance Waiver Program.

The anticipation in the law is that every company acceptance appellant is an intending immigrant. Therefore, applicants for company visas accept to affected this anticipation by demonstrating that:
The purpose of their cruise is to access the U.S. for business, pleasure, or medical treatment;
That they plan to abide for a specific, bound period;
Evidence of funds to awning costs in the United States;
That they plan to abide for a specific, bound period;
Evidence of acute amusing and bread-and-butter ties abroad;
That they accept a abode alfresco the U.S. as able-bodied as added bounden ties that will assure their acknowledgment away at the end of the visit.