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Visit Visa

Visit Visa


Visitor Visa is apt for those who want to visit a country for a short period for leisure, undergoing medical treatment, writing an exam or for a business purpose. There is a limit on duration of stay for Visitor Visa in countries like United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. For first time applicants the visa is granted for three to six months depending on the country which they are applying for. On the basis of your profile and nation, Visitor Visa can be applied for up to 10 years. You are required to attend a personal interview if you are applying for U.S. for the first time. Most countries do not ask for a personal interview. Foreign Travelers and Citizens of some country need to obtain an exit visa to be permitted to leave the country. Visitor Visa can be granted on arrival or by prior application at country’s embassy or consulate. Eligibility criteria and requirements for it differ in various countries.

There are separate categories of Visitor Visas in different countries. USA Visitor Visa include- B1 Visa for people who want to visit USA for business purposes and B2 Visa is for travelers who want to go to US for recreation.


  • Tourist Visa –Meant for a limited period of leisure travel.
  • Private Visa-Granted through invitation by residents of the visited country.
  • Visa for Medical Reasons-For those undergoing medical treatment in the foreign country’s hospital.
  • Working Holiday Visa- Young people on vacation are permitted to work temporarily while traveling through the visa.
  • Athletic or Artistic Visa-It is given to Athletes and Artists performing at concerts and other events.
  • Pilgrimage Visa-Issued for the purpose of visiting religious destinations.
  • Cultural Exchange Visa-Research scholars, Professors and Exchange Visitors taking part in programs which promote cultural exchange are eligible for Cultural Exchange Visa.
  • Business Visa – Used to travel for a short period for business related reasons.